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A structure of vaults lined with recesses which provide a permanent resting place for urns containing the ashes of human or sometimes animals, i.e., pets
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The Musgroves asked company mechanic Cody Rushing to find an old Volkswagen bus that could be made into a columbarium.
The Committee proposed that the columbarium be a focal point of the garden and requested that it not be sequestered in an obscure corner of the property.
In Tyre, the main actions shall address problems in: a- Tyre city site: the mosaics of the "grande allA'e", some parts of the roman baths; and b- Tyre Bass site: the Roman arch, the Monumental tomb, the Columbarium, the church with garden.
Fully exploiting the gallery's lofty dimensions, Columbarium, 2012 is spectacular.
21, Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite visited the columbarium.
In places the wall thickens to become a columbarium, a honeycombed structure containing niches for cremated remains.
Enjoy a stroll around its seven acres of immaculately manicured gardens, view the columbarium, where caskets of ashes are deposited and marked with memorial plaques, or just marvel at the beautiful statues and headstones.
We hadn't given Hendrix's new revenue stream much thought until a Mississippi columnist, Phil Hardwick, suggested recently that a columbarium smartly located in the end zone of the university football field could help offset the high cost of hiring new football coaches.
Hudson's new columbarium can comfortably host as many as 88 urns, and Hudson family members, one local news report notes, have taken to calling the million-dollar structure "The Inn.
I rather listen than talk," says Trestikova, who can be glimpsed helping Marcela after she faints while placing Ivana's ashes in a columbarium.
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