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A structure of vaults lined with recesses which provide a permanent resting place for urns containing the ashes of human or sometimes animals, i.e., pets
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As of 4 p.m., on Thursday, Quezon City Police data showed that crowd estimate at cemeteries and columbaria in Quezon City has reached a total of 82,244, higher than the 35,000 estimated crowd last year.
Of the 82,244 estimated number of crowd, 77,173 flocked the city's eight cemeteries, while 5,071 to the 17 columbaria where police personnel are deployed.
The local columbaria I've seen have rows of mini niches where the urns are kept, with marble facings bearing the names and basic info, and occasionally photos, of the deceased.
However, telenovela fans should recall Korean columbaria, which have rows of niches behind glass doors, like those in the automats of old.