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A structure of vaults lined with recesses which provide a permanent resting place for urns containing the ashes of human or sometimes animals, i.e., pets
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He said since a public consultation exercise on the licensing scheme for private columbaria ended on March 30, the Government has been studying and analysing the views collected and is about to take forward the relevant legislative exercise.
In a paper put before the Legislative Council in December 2012, the Government raised for discussion a proposal to exempt "long-existing" private columbaria from a licensing scheme under contemplation.
The $6,948,365 grant will fund construction of the main entrance, an administration building, a maintenance facility, roads, an assembly area, a committal service shelter, pre-placed crypts, burial areas for cremated remains, traditional burial areas, columbaria for cremated remains, landscaping, a memorial walkway and supporting infrastructure.
Traffic in areas near cemeteries and churches hosting columbaria are expected to be heavy during the three-day period.
Juke' (cockroach), as he is lovingly known, seems to have grown out of the land he inhabits, the biblical Lachish area: he knows every inch of the hills and fields surrounding his Kibbutz Bet Nir (where he has been living since 1957), all of the secrets lying deep in the earth in the huge ancient Guvrin cave system with its columbaria, columns, burial and storage sites and water cisterns.
After agreeing future discounts with their supplier, Columbaria, who work in partnership with the council on memorial schemes they hope this loss will be reduced to pounds 6,000.
The excavations in the northern cemetery outside the Roman city are producing interesting results (Georgiou): the podium temples and columbaria are clearly of Roman (not Greek) origin and are also comparable with similar podium type burial monuments in the countryside around Nicopolis (Flamig).
How else to explain the growing trend, which recently arrived in Arkansas, of building columbaria on college campuses to receive the ashen remains of alumni?
I acquired this little beauty at a parish bazaar and so cannot be certain of its name, though it appears to be the variety 'Butterfly Blue,' a hybrid of Scabiosa columbaria.