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A structure of vaults lined with recesses which provide a permanent resting place for urns containing the ashes of human or sometimes animals, i.e., pets
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An Appeal Board consisting of a presiding officer (principally the Chairperson or a Deputy Chairperson) and four panel members will be constituted to hear and determine an appeal lodged by an applicant or a holder of a specified instrument who is aggrieved by a decision made by the Private Columbaria Licensing Board or the Director of Food and Environmental Hygiene referred to in section 84(1) of the Ordinance.
However, telenovela fans should recall Korean columbaria, which have rows of niches behind glass doors, like those in the automats of old.
Scabiosa columbaria (small scabious, Dipsacaceae) is a gynodioecious, protandrous, entomophilous, short-lived perennial of dry calcareous grasslands.
Framework agreement for purchase orders for the supply, Delivery, Installation and maintenance of vegetated columbaria in parisian cemeteries.
The Head, Private Columbaria Affairs Office of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department is appointed as an ex officio member and as Chairperson of the Licensing Board.
Noting recent newspaper advertisements on the setting up of a private columbarium on a luxury cruise ship, the spokesman explained that according to the Private Columbaria Bill, a columbarium means any premises that are used (or claimed, represented or held out to be used) for keeping ashes.
the Private Columbaria Bill, the Fire Services (Amendment) Bill and the Medical Registration (Amendment) Bill, the Government would introduce them into the LegCo as soon as possible upon completion of the related preparatory work.
Contract Awarded for Va786-16-C-0251 | Georgia Nc; Fy2016 Nrm Funds For The Project Georgia, Replace Columbaria Caps With Cut Stone, Project Number 922-Nrm16-0009 | Candc Contractors Inc.
The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) today (September 26) urged people visiting cemeteries and columbaria to pay respects to ancestors during the coming Chung Yeung Festival to keep the environment clean and dispose of used containers properly to prevent mosquito breeding.
When completed, the facility will help alleviate the shortage of urn niches, while enhancing the quality of local columbaria and setting new standards for the industry, said spokesperson of Kerry Warehouse.
Contract award notice: construction of two columbaria.
Consumers should exercise extra vigilance with undertakings by individual private columbarium operators who claim that they could obtain a licence/exemption for certain in due course and/or pledge that the ash interment arrangement will not be affected by the Private Columbaria Bill to be implemented in future.