colovesical fistula

co·lo·ves·i·cal fis·tu·la

a fistulous passage connecting the colon and urinary bladder.
Synonym(s): vesicocolic fistula
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Although CT is the modality of choice in the evaluation of colovesical fistula, MRI has excellent intrinsic soft tissue resolution that allows accurate delineation of the fistula tract with a sensitivity and specificity reaching up to 100% (10,11,12).
They have also been used in nonhemostatic applications, such as repair of tissue defects, anastomotic leakage, and closure of colovesical fistula. Fang et al .[sup][5] showed a case of rectal perforation due to penetrating trauma successfully closed with disposable endoscopic clips.
Use of methylene blue in suspected colovesical fistula. J Urol 1977; 118 (5): 819-20.
Two (17%) patients with colovesical fistula underwent emergency surgery due to deranged physiological parametres (severe sepsis) and underwent diverting transverse colostomy because dense inflammatory adhesions in the pelvis and to shorten the operative time.
Accuracy of computerized tomography in diagnosis of colovesical fistula secondary to diverticular disease.
Congenital colovesical fistula and atresia ani et racti in a lamb.
The search strategy included the following terms: "enterovesical fistula," "colovesical fistula", "pelvic fistula" and "urinary fistula".
A colovesical fistula can cause a severe urinary tract infection and requires surgery to remove the fistula.
A computerized tomographic (CT) scan of her abdomen showed extensive diverticulosis of the sigmoid colon, a colovesical fistula with gas in the bladder and the allograft renal pelvis (Figs.
ACT scan can reveal pericolonic inflammation, wall thickening, the presence of an abscess, and air in the bladder that is diagnostic of a colovesical fistula, Dr.
Vaginal fistula, colovesical fistula (particularly due to diverticular disease), Crohn's disease or carcinoma of the colon or bladder, instrumentation and after trauma are other causes of gas production, and differential diagnosis should be made with emphysematous cystitis.[sup.8]