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chromatophobia, chromophobia.
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Immoral, licentious, anarchical, unscientific -- call them by what names you will -- yet, from an aesthetic point of view, those ancient days of the Colour Revolt were the glorious childhood of Art in Flatland -- a childhood, alas, that never ripened into manhood, nor even reached the blossom of youth.
Out of colours ye seem to be baked, and out of glued scraps.
We presented the black priest with a few shillings, and the Spaniard, patting him on the head, said, with much candour, he thought his colour made no great difference.
But I believe she really had a strange gift of thinking in colours.
He beheld him sifting his seeds, and soaking them in liquids which were destined to modify or to deepen their colours.
Now we are delighted at that,' said both the weavers, and thereupon they named the colours and explained the make of the texture.
you would have told him of other colours which are colours just as much as whiteness.
on colours of birds; on birds of the Galapagos; on distribution of genera of birds