colour tone

tone, colour 

Term often used in colorimetry, photography and industry to indicate hue. See hue.
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Technical plastics compounder, Luxus, has acquired Colour Tone Masterbatch, based in Bedwas, South Wales.
The colour tone itself is different from the source, and despite better details, this hands the onus over to the iPhone 7 Plus.
The model will be available in a new Matte Axis Grey colour tone along with stylish new 3D Emblem for badging.
If you're coordinating colours, then pocket squares, ascots/ties and socks should be within the same colour tone palette.
There's a mid and East European feel to the pages in colour tone and style with pop cultural references--Fab Four, high five, perfect ten and disco seventy.
There are lots of sophisticated options available on the market from soft pale silvers through to chalky charcoal and Wall Street grey, that when combined with a more vibrant colour tone can create a real sense of drama.
Additionally, the new Adobe Photomerge Style Match analyses stylistic characteristics of any photo, such as contrast or colour tone, and automatically applies them to another photo, and users can also combine the best facial expressions from a number of different shots into a single perfect photo.
The collection is named after the brand's Originals blue colour tone.
By selecting the colour of the wall in the setup menu, the projector simply adjusts its colour tone accordingly.
Turn down the colour tone on David Dickinson but turn up the volume because the antiques road show hits Liverpool and cheap as chips DD takes a trip down to the Cavern where the contestants are the excellent Fab Four tribute band The Mersey Beatles.
The addition of manganese also changes the white colour of the titanium dioxide to a more natural skin colour tone.
South Wales-based manufacturer, Colour Tone Masterbatch, is celebrating twenty years of operation and technical innovation in the plastics industry.