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endoscopic examination of the colon, either transabdominally during laparotomy, or transanally by means of a colonoscope.
 Colonoscopy. The endoscopic instrument is passed through the entire colon and into the distal segment of the ileum. The combination of the flexible tube, fiberoptics, and the light enables the examiner to visualize the entire mucosal surface, identifying sites of bleeding, inflammation, tissue irregularity, or abnormal tissue. From Malarkey and McMorrow, 2000.


Visual examination of the inner surface of the colon by means of a colonoscope.
Synonym(s): coloscopy
[colon + G. skopeō, to view]


n. pl. colosco·pies


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The novel is a perplexing mix involving a scared draft dodger and the 1956 uprising in Hungary, sawdust-trail mission-chapel pressure on a teenager, and a coloscopy on a middle-aged man - events connected by conjecture of the devil and interspersed with murky folklore.
This would allow appropriate procedures, such as a confirming smear, coloscopy, biopsy or surgery, to be scheduled during the actual visit.
The cost for annual screening can be discounted by 5% a year to $357 over 10 years as a more accurate comparison with coloscopy done every 10 years, they added.
The CD was to be verified by coloscopy and histology and h as to be of at least 3 months duration with a score of 170 or above on CDAI questionnaire (Best et al.