colorpuncture (kulˑ·er·punkˈ·cher),

n therapeutic use of small colorzone lamps focused on acupuncture points and other parts of the body.
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2008): "Effect of Colorpuncture on Spontaneous Photon Emission in a Subject Suffering from Multiple Sclerosis", J Acupuncture, Meridian Studies, 1, 114-120.
Acupuncture, psychological counseling, chiropractic, musculoskeletal therapies, energetic support, colorpuncture, and every therapeutic modality can help the adrenals to rebuild.
He also had a session of OrthoBionomy, body work that relates to many levels of energy, and Esogetic Colorpuncture therapy from Germany after Kirlian photographic evaluation of acupuncture meridian emanations from the fingers and toes.