colorimetric titration

col·or·i·met·ric ti·tra·tion

a titration in which the end point is marked by a color change.
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BUCHI's KjelMaster K-375 automatic distillation unit for nitrogen and protein determination al puts customers in a position of applying either potentiometric or colorimetric titration techniques.
Volumetric titration of Ca and colorimetric titration of P in SBF solutions have revealed a decrease in Ca and P concentration in SBF solution during the immersion period confirming that the materials have uptaken calcium and phosphate from the SBF solution to form the Ca-P layer (Figs.
Wood samples must be reflux extracted and the resultant solution analyzed by colorimetric titration using a spectrophotometer (AWPA A2-05, AWPA 2005a) or by potentiometric titration, or by other methods such as inductively coupled plasma emission spectroscopy (ICPAES) or ICP mass spectroscopy (AWPA 2000).
Colorimetric Titration by Diphenyl Picrylhydrazyl (DPPH)
The completely automatic UDK 152 distillation unit with integrated colorimetric titration is for accurate protein determination with the Kjeldahl method.
The assembly also offers both 525 nm (green) and 610 nm (red) wave-lengths in a single optoelectronic module, enabling users to perform the majority of colorimetric titrations. Radiometer Analytical SAS, +33 (0)4 7803 3838