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1. Partially or totally unable to distinguish certain colors.
a. Not subject to racial prejudices.
b. Not recognizing racial or class distinctions: "Our Constitution is color-blind, and neither knows nor tolerates classes among citizens" (John M. Harlan).

col′or·blind′ness n.
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Being colorblind is a condition in which people cannot distinguish between the different wavelengths of light that make up colors.
If a colorblind society is indeed the ideal, then we shouldn't be afraid to reflect on whether race and ethnicity are coloring our individual and institutional behaviors.
After Nilsen and Turner's introductory chapter, the remaining 13 chapters of The Colorblind Screen are organized into four parts.
The frames, styles, and stories of colorblind racism fit together loosely and flexibly, allowing white speakers great range in conveying emotional tone and in approaching a wide variety of situations.
The ascension of John Roberts to colorblind jurist-in-chief has made the legal situation even more perilous.
Like Ocampo-Guzman, Douglas finds himself not quite willing to accept or reject colorblind or nontraditional casting practices.
In Thompson's collection, the fine engagements with the terms of colorblind casting, for instance, include its transformation into a linguistic and performative "color bind," as Richard Burr calls it, which lurks behind discourse defined "by universalizing race along Manichean lines" (165).
Even schools without much racial diversity can get in on the colorblind casting act, says Michael Peitz, executive director of the Ohio-based Educational Theatre Association.
They derive from the fact that the Constitution is colorblind because it incorporates the principles of the Declaration of Independence, at the center of which is the proposition "that all men are created equal.
Some readers may believe that the dance community has no race issue to examine and that we, like the so-called colorblind America, have moved on.
Other services provided by TenantAlert include instant evaluation of each prospective renter against national consumer credit data, criminal and eviction databases and two separate colorblind scoring systems designed to predict tenant reliability.