color therapy

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color therapy

the therapeutic use of light of specific colors. It encompasses a number of methods used in complementary medicine, including the direction of light of specific colors at the chakras associated with the colors, the stimulation of acupoints, and the use of light of specific wavelengths to facilitate healing. Color therapy is often employed as a complementary treatment for seasonal affective disorder, depression, and stress.

colour therapy

Popular psychology
Any form of sensory “therapy” in which a patient is exposed to specific colours in the environment, in clothing or by lighting. While some data vaguely suggest that the autonomic nervous system is aroused by the colour red, and attenuated by blue, the efficacy of colour therapy is dubious at best. Colour therapy is integral to ayurvedic medicine, but is peripheral to mainstream psychiatric therapy.

Any pseudotherapy in which a patient is exposed to coloured light, environment, clothing or food as a vehicle for treating organic disease.
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It can also promote color therapy and art therapy which are not well known in Pakistan.
Color Therapy blends a complex of natural argan, acai and evening primrose oil to condition weak, dry nails.
Through the session, the speakers created an atmosphere where the audience had a chance to get insights into aromatherapy and color therapy for chakra healing.
Max Luscher introduced the "Lusher color test"; a form of color therapy still widely used by many psychologists.
Ayurveda is an ancient form of medicine associated with color therapy practiced in India for years.
The researcher decided to pursue this study for the purpose of not just contributing a feasible means to reducing stress in students through the techniques used in color therapy, but also making this study a part of their health teachings to their clients and patients.
I know it's hard to believe," he says, "but color therapy really works.
For instance, green may symbolize envy, greed, good luck, fertility or seasickness, while in color therapy it means balance, growth, or ecology.
At the International Home & Housewares Show, HoMedics will launch the Color Cube, which offers light and color therapy.
Believe it or not, many spas offer something called color therapy.