color match

col·or match

(kŭl'ŏr match),
The result of adjusting color mixtures until all visually apparent differences are minimal.
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Troy Weaver, Vice President, Axalta North America Refinish said, 'A quality finish and an outstanding color match are extremely important to our customers.With online chat support, customers who have color questions or need product use and selection help can simply open an online chat session through their cell phone's browser or the shop's computer to get support quickly and efficiently.'
ColorSnap Match is a handheld color match tool aimed at painting contractors, designers, remodelers and homeowners with quick and confident color matching.
Once they log into the system, customers can obtain information on open, invoiced, and paid orders; search their order history by order or production job; see their current color match status; submit new color matches; and document production runs for compliance with job specifications or regulatory requirements.
I'd say about half of our business is in custom color, and we've never had a product returned because of a bad color match." Polymer Resources' color lab has drawers and drawers full of successfully formulated color chips in case they are needed for future reference.
Using the unique capabilities of Auto SC, refinishing shops can quickly and easily obtain an acceptable color match accounting for a variety of different finishes.
The manufacturer claims that their device is superior in reading and analyzing color thus giving a color match reading that will be more accurate than the human eye.
Furthermore, the solution does not take into consideration other important attributes of a color match, such as the cost of the colorants.
Using an electronic color wheel, consumers can browse a collection of inspirational palettes, color match and coordinate with an existing color or find a favorite color.
Westlund Distributing announces its new Canplast Premium Edgebandhig catalog, which includes a color match guide The company says the quick reference guide covers PVC edgebanding color matches to 45 laminate manufacturers, giving easy access to more than 4,000 color matches.
An exact color match may not be possible, but if it's close, it'll be virtually indistinguishable at normal viewing distances.
"A quality finish and an outstanding color match are extremely important to our customers," said Troy Weaver, VP, Axalta North America Refinish.