color chart

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col·or chart

(kŏl'ŏr chahrt)
An assembly of chromatic samples used in checking color vision.
Synonym(s): chromatic chart, colour chart.
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For me, then, the commercial color chart served as a key to our thinking about color's having lost its identity as a transcendent, lofty thing.
I have often seen Richter's work installed in this way, both in exhibitions and in collections: in "Metropolis" in 1991 and "The Broken Mirror" in 1993, the "Gray" paintings in the Bonn retrospective of 1993 -94 and in the collection of the Stadtisches Museum Abteiberg, Monchengladbach, and the "Color Charts" in the Kaiser Wilhelm Museum, Krefeld.
180 Farben interacts with the architectural space, in contrast with the earlier Color Charts, whose vertically arranged color stacks, as alluded to in the title of Zwei Grau ubereinander (Two Grays, One upon the Other), 1966, have a more corporeal address.
For this fourth edition, the design has been expanded, with color chemical representations, detailed illustrations of chemical components, complex process diagrams, color photos, and color charts. This edition also contains additional exercises, plus a new type of sample exercise integrating concepts across chapters.
(Nearly 20 of those are committed to the color charts of major manufacturers.) After the first chapters on materials, tools and reference photography, the book is broken up into six parts: The uses of traditional colored pencils, layering, burnishing and underpainting are followed by sections on water-soluble colored pencils, demonstrations and combined techniques.
Chapters explain the color wheel, color charts, and how to use colors in different media, then provide easy step-by-step exercises that build stepping stones reinforcing concepts.
Valspar's Industrial Maintenance Products catalog features detailed information, color charts and photos of premium quality products, including: industrial high-solids spray paint; fluorescent, high heat, zinc primer and hammered spray paints; industrial enamel and armor anti-rust; specialty paints such as tractor and implement, marking and traffic, zone marking, latex field marking, barn and fence, siding and roof, porch and floor and heavy-duty aluminum; professional latex paints and primers; all-purpose enamel spray paints and appliance epoxy; sealers; and Cabot deck and siding stains.
The book includes a few b&w photos and color charts. Information on the editors is not given.
Highly recommended, it's packed with color charts, screens and examples throughout.
Paclt J (1983) A chronology of color charts and color terminology for naturalists.
This CD-ROM is fully text searchable and bookmarked by year of publication, and includes color charts and photographs.
Dense color charts and pictures were grainy at the best settings.