color chart

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col·or chart

(kŏl'ŏr chahrt)
An assembly of chromatic samples used in checking color vision.
Synonym(s): chromatic chart, colour chart.
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Advancing this demythification of color as psychic and bodily space, Richter initiated the aleatory dissemination and permutational multiplication of color in noncompositional arrangements in 1966, with 192 Colors, a canvas that effaces any reference to the commercial color chart in favor of a mechanically ordered grid of square color chips.
The Glidden hot line (800-663-8589) will answer basic painting questions and will send you the free ``Painter's Companion Guide,'' a color chart of paint colors, pictures and decorating tips.
He offers opportunities to experiment with color effects using paint, paper, and computers with 11 Munsell color charts, 15 interactive charts, 12 packets of color chips, and a textbook designed to facilitate hands-on learning of the aspects and effects of colors, their combination, and their juxtaposition.
There are also color charts, website screenshots, and other visual items to help illustrate key concepts.
The color charts incorporate the attributes of the substrate, inks, and coatings used, as well as the inherent characteristics of the individual press.
Chapters explain the color wheel, color charts, and how to use colors in different media, then provide easy step-by-step exercises that build stepping stones reinforcing concepts.
The text's layout offers color photos and easy-read color charts and tables.
As the title suggests, this thorough reference contains multitudes of color swatches and many pages of color charts for the serious watercolorist.
Valspar's Industrial Maintenance Products catalog features detailed information, color charts and photos of premium quality products, including: industrial high-solids spray paint; fluorescent, high heat, zinc primer and hammered spray paints; industrial enamel and armor anti-rust; specialty paints such as tractor and implement, marking and traffic, zone marking, latex field marking, barn and fence, siding and roof, porch and floor and heavy-duty aluminum; professional latex paints and primers; all-purpose enamel spray paints and appliance epoxy; sealers; and Cabot deck and siding stains.