From colon to colon; said of a spontaneous or induced anastomosis between two parts of the colon.
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Sigmoid colocolic fistula caused by intrauterine device migration: a case report.
Paediatric patients presenting with documented colocolic intussusceptions suggest a possibility of colonic polyp or other mass lesion in Mahmudloo et al.
Intussusception is categorized into subgroups such as enteroenteric, colocolic, ileocolic, or ileocecal according to the affected bowel segments (2).
Barium studies in upper GI series show stacked coin or coiled spring sign due to edematous mucosal folds and a cup-shaped filling defect in barium enemas when evaluating colocolic or ileocolic intussusception [23].
The meta-analysis included eight trials with different levels of anastomosis: two trials involved colocolic anastomoses only; three comprised colorectal or coloanal anastomoses only; and three involved either colocolic, colorectal, or coloanal anastomoses.
Another major classification is by anatomical location, such as enteroenteric, ileocolic, ileocecal, or colocolic.
Leonardi, "Intestinal plasmacytoma causing colocolic double intussusception in an adult dog," Journal of Small Animal Practice, vol.
The abdominal ultrasound and computed tomography scan revealed a left-sided colocolic intussusception with a polyp as a lead point (Figure 1).
Proven cases of colocolic intussusception were excluded from this study, as these are traditionally thought to occur secondary to a pathological lead point, mandating resection in our unit.
of Patients (%) Enteroenteric 17.31 Enterocolic 50.00 Colocolic 32.69 Table-4: Patients Given Blood Transfusion Blood Transfusion No.