coloboma iridis

col·o·bo·ma ir·i·dis

1. retention of the retinal fissure causing a congenital cleft of the iris, often associated with coloboma of the choroid;
2. obsolete term for the defect in the iris resulting from a large surgical iridectomy.
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Incidentally, we found the patient to have coloboma iridis and choroidal coloboma, though asymptomatic subjectively but has vision loss objectively.
On examination, all 3 were found to have strabismus, primary telecanthus, bilateral coloboma iridis, and low-set ears with posterior rotation of the pinnae.
The association among coloboma iridis, auricular deformity, and anal atresia was first described by Haab in 1879.
Ophthalmologic examination demonstrated that all 3 children had strabismus, primary telecanthus, and bilateral coloboma iridis (figure).