neck of scapula

(redirected from collum scapulae)

neck of scap·u·la

a slight constriction marking the separation of that portion bearing the glenoid cavity and coracoid process from the remainder of the scapula.
Synonym(s): collum scapulae [TA]
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At the level of scapular collar (collum scapulae), the scapular notch is formed by the cranial margin namely incisura scapulae.
1 = Scapular collar (Collum scapulae), 2 = Incisura scapulae, 3 = Supraglenoid tubercle (Tuberculum supraglenoidalis), 4= Cranial and caudal subscapular fossa (Fossa subscapularis) and 5 = Facies serrata.