colloidal metal

col·loi·dal met·al

a colloidal solution of a metal obtained by passing electric sparks between terminals of the metal in distilled water.
Synonym(s): electrosol
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One system uses fluorescence detection, and the other relies on the use of modified colloidal metal detector particles.
Although 6000 ng/mL and 1500 ng/mL of oxycodone should trigger a positive result in the colloidal metal immunoassay (Triage) and EIA (EMIT) assays, respectively, only 10% (40 of 399) of laboratories using colloidal metal immunoassay (Triage) and 54% (230 of 426) using EIA (EMIT) reported present when challenged with 7500 ng/mL of oxycodone.
Percentage of Laboratories Producing Positive Results for Specific Challenges Laboratories Reporting Positive Results, % Immunoassay MDMA, 2500 Lorazepam, Oxycodone, Technique ng/mL (a) 750 ng/mL (b) 7500 ng/mL (c) CEDIA n/a 100 29 CMI (Triage) 98 100 10 EIA (DRI) 35 99 n/a EIA (EMIT) 13 76 54 FIA 48 100 0 FPIA 57 n/a 2 MIA (KIMS) 2 95 7 Laboratories Reporting Positive Results, % Immunoassay Hydromorphone, Amitriptyline, Technique 1000 ng/mL (d) 1300 ng/mL (e) CEDIA 100 n/a CMI (Triage) 99 99 EIA (DRI) n/a 67 EIA (EMIT) 88 100 FIA 13 99 FPIA 97 n/a MIA (KIMS) 19 n/a Abbreviations: CEDIA, cloned enzyme donor immunoassay; CMI, colloidal metal immunoassay; DRI, Diagnostic Reagents Inc.
Research indicates that colloidal metal particles such as molybdenum, rhodium, palladium, platinum, can be deposited onto ceramic powder by a special manufacturing technique.
However, the potential applications of a non-toxic colloidal metal with marked and rapid positive effect on mental performance are of great practical value, not only in scholastic settings, but also in the workplace and for improving the quality of life.
Rough surfaces and colloidal metals, such as silver, can enhance the scattering of light that occurs when a specimen, placed on this "nanosubstrate," is scanned with the Raman spectrometer's laser beam.