Collision Sport

A sport in which the athletes purposely hit or collide with each other or inanimate objects, including the ground, with great force and have a higher risk of transmitting blood-borne infections
Actions Tackling, body checking, blocking
Examples American football, boxing, ice hockey. lacrosse, full contact martial arts (MMA, Taekwondo, puroresu, jujutsu, Muay Thai, judo, and full-contact styles of karate), rodeo, wrestling
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"The fact that we have now seen these changes in former rugby league players indicates that they, and likely other Australian collision sport players, are not immune to CTE," Buckland ( explained, adding the disease can 'only' be diagnosed confidently by examination of the brain after death.
The painful reality of the dangers of playing a collision sport were brought home this week as two-time British and Irish Lions captain Sam Warburton was forced to call it a day aged 29 while Northampton Saints announced a benefit match for Rob Horne, who suffered paralysis of his right arm following a collision last season, aged just 28.
"It's a collision sport and we have to make sure we don't pander to health and safety issues.
"They are picking up a rugby ball for the first time at 22-23, having just come from NFL, which is a collision sport, to rugby, which is a contact evasion sport, and the mindset is very different.
ANSWER Any adult is aware of the risks associated with playing a collision sport. Football is brutal, but this is an accepted reality.
"But we play a collision sport and everyone was ruled out, either with concussion or with knocks they've been carrying for a while."
Finally, collision sport athletes on average had perpetrated 4.22 (SD = 3.49) different hazing activities as veterans compared to non-collision sport athletes who had used 2.28 (SD = 2.53) activities.
This is a highintensity, collision sport played by athletes now.
In their letter to ministers they describe rugby as a "highimpact collision sport."
In last week's open letter from academics and health professionals, which was addressed to ministers, chief medical officers and children's commissioners, rugby is described as a "highimpact collision sport".
per In an open letter to ministers they say injuries from this "high-impact collision sport" can have lifelong consequences.

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