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Acting along the same line.
[L. col- (con-), with, + linea, line]
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And difference frequency mixing of two collinearly propagating optical beams inside electro-optic crystals can be used to generate THz signals [33].
Actually, the reason is that the fragmentation photons are emitted collinearly to the parent parton, and on the other hand, the isolation cut discards the prompt photon events that have too much hadronic activity.
This kind of coprime array configuration consists of two collinearly located uniform linear subarrays: one has N antennas with distance [??]d between two continuous antennas and the other has M - 1 antennas with distance Nd between two continuous antennas, where d is the unit spacing set to [lambda]/2, and [lambda] denotes the wavelength.
(9) Dispatch and transit dropped out of the model due to collinearly problems.