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Acting along the same line.
[L. col- (con-), with, + linea, line]
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Founded in 2014, Collinear is pioneering next generation, ultra-high capacity, over-the-air connectivity solutions for global communication networks.
Let n be the number of triples [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] such that they are collinear.
The first stage detects text lines based on extreme collinear points.
Along with a four-point collinear probe, the instrumentation used for this test includes a DC current source and a sensitive voltmeter.
Proof: Suppose that an operation ROTATE(r, c) inserts a vertical segment s, or an operation FLIP(r, p) inserts two collinear vertical segments s [?
He, "Micro-crack detection using a collinear wave mixing technique," NDT and E International, vol.
is a set of three points, two by two collinear but not all incident with the same line.
The Holography News[R] November 2004 issue reported that Optware, a Japanese holographic data storage firm, had received additional investment for further development of its collinear holographic data storage system and holographic versatile disk (HVD), which includes a photopolymer layer in which the data is recorded, effectively as a volume hologram.
Among his topics are the five types of 3X3 area square, construction by formula, special examples of 3X3 squares, Graeco-Latin templates, uniform square substrates, Dudeney's 12 graphic types, a type I geomagic square, self-interlocking geomagics, form and emptiness, picture-preserving geomagics, three-dimensional geomagics, alpha-geomagic squares, normal squares of order-4, and collinear collations.
The cross-ratio can be defined for four collinear points or five coplanar points, the five coplanar points is most suitable to our problem as we already have matching points in the image.
The product is designed to assure that the club's stroke direction and the user's line of sight are to the hole they are playing are collinear, thereby greatly increasing the chances of a successful shot.