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Acting along the same line.
[L. col- (con-), with, + linea, line]
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From (23), there is no outward radiation of the magnetic field (nor its collinear j) from inside the plasma where [alpha] [+ or -] 0.
The Sandra rift on the subducting Nazca plate is collinear with the Caldas tear and is thought to have formed the original weakness that would cause the tear in the subducted slab.
an I-segment is the maximal union of connected and collinear AT-segments, that means it cannot be enlarged by another collinear AT-segment (alternatively, the /-segments are the sides of the plates born during the spatio-temporal construction of STIT tessellations explained earlier),
Host species and stage of engorgement were collinear, with 56% of ticks from humans being unengorged, whereas only 3% and 4% of ticks from dogs and cats, respectively, were unengorged.
Among other three highly collinear variables BOP was selected as per the criteria explained earlier and FDI was regressed on Outflow and BOP and this resulted in a [[?
3] are not collinear, then every point p in the plane may be written as some (not necessarily unique) linear combination of the three points.
The main limitation of a least squares approach to dynamic empirical modelling is related to the sensitivity of the least squares solution to data matrices incorporating collinear or highly correlated variables.
The larger the value of VIF, the more "troublesome" or collinear the variables.
Symbolic complexity did not have a statistically significant coefficient in either of the models and was also highly collinear with symbolic agent and symbolic substitution (r = .
Conventional strategies for dealing with collinearity can be used when collinearity is found to be high, such as deletion of highly collinear variables or the use of a transformation such as mean centering.
Although it is difficult to describe all the dependent relationships (the sums and correlations) between the remaining 160 to 163 EMs, it is much simpler to note that among the six data sets, a range of 148 to 155 EMs (Table 1) were fully collinear (causing the variance-covariance matrix determinant to be zero; Neter et al.