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Acting along the same line.
[L. col- (con-), with, + linea, line]
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Founded in 2014, Collinear provides intelligent wireless systems to the connected world.
As a result it was proven that three points [L.sub.1], [L.sub.2], [L.sub.3] situated at the line [P.sub.0][P.sub.1] (collinear equilibrium positions) are unstable while the libration points [L.sub.4], [L.sub.5] (triangular equilibrium positions) may be stable if the mass ratio [[mu].sub.1] = [m.sub.1]/[m.sub.0] is sufficiently small (see [12,22]).
If (x, y), ([x.sub.1], [y.sub.1]) and ([x.sub.2], [y.sub.2]) are collinear, the gradients between any two of the three points are equal, so:
We can see that the collinear point ([x.sub.a], [y.sub.a]) and point ([x.sub.b], [y.sub.b]) in Figure 3(a) intersect at the same point ([[rho].sub.0], [[theta].sub.0]) in Figure 3(b).
In collinear magnetic systems, the direction of the magnetization vector is identical at all points in space and varies only in magnitude and sign.
The present paper is restricted to models containing only two collinear cracks.
In order to establish the position analysis model of the mechanism as shown in Figure 2, place the reference frame O - xyz attached to the base platform with O located in the center of this quadrilateral, and the x axis is collinear with [B.sub.2][B.sub.4] and points from point O to point [B.sub.2].
Bushaw et al., "Rapid trace analysis of 89 [sup.90]Sr in environmental samples by collinear laser resonance ionization mass spectrometry," Radiochimica Acta, vol.
The collinear region was defined as the region of homologous genes, which indicates that Rhodococcus DSSKP-R-001 constitutes a mosaic gene that may be shared with other Rhodococcus species.
In this study, actuator-assisted calibration was implemented on three point-based phantoms: (1) single cross wire phantom, (2) original collinear point target phantom, and (3) modified collinear point target phantom.