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To make parallel.
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The Angular Distribution of Photon Intensity in Collimated X-Ray Beam.
It can be seen that the scattered light increased as temperature rose, while the collimated light decreased.
This function T represents the average transmission for light rays that are collimated in one direction.
In the MicroLens pixel-based light extraction process, micro-optical elements are molded directly into a light guide, and are optimized to deliver more collimated light, which increases the efficiency of the optical system.
Can switch from collimated pinpoint to full-field analysis.
The collimated beams offer a divergence of less than 0.5 mrad; in other words, 10 m from the module, the beam diameter is within 3 x 2 mm.
A judge was told how the container was "found to be emitting a narrow collimated beam of radiation, of a very high dose rate, vertically down from that package base".
In order to obtain an exact answer concerning the background conditions, the test experiment with the collimated neutron beam and the electron and proton detectors is required.
(Biodosimetry involves employing a microorganism for which the UV dose-response curve can be determined accurately in a collimated beam apparatus).
The QXi analyzers use a collimated beam of 13mm to 0.1mm diameter with laser-beam focusing, making them suitable for testing small or heterogeneous samples.
The diode points inward-firing at a reflector that results in a collimated, or cylindrical, beam that harnesses 100 percent of the available light, said a company spokesman.
The transmitter projects a collimated laser reference beam that is captured, upon transmission through the Angle Measuring Prism, by a receiver that is connected to a digital display.