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1. Depending on numbers of particles.
2. Referring to properties of solutions that depend only on the concentration of dissolved substances and not on their nature (for example, osmotic pressure, elevation of boiling point, vapor pressure lowering, freezing point depression).
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The solution and its colligative properties are akin to coolant in a car radiator.
trehalose and/or glucose) and polyols (e.g., glycerol, sorbitol or inositol) function as colligative and/or non-colligative cryoprotectants, enhancing the level of cold hardiness and thus increasing the chances of winter survival (Gekko and Timasheff, 1981; Zachariassen, 1985; Storey and Storey, 1991; Lee, 1991; Kostal et al., 2001, 2004).
However, as the filler content further increased, the thermal stability decreased modestly indeed resulting from a simple colligative thermodynamic effect of an impurity on a bulk solution.
This is a part of the effects of enlarged body fluid volume arising from its colligative properties with exerting osmotic forces for retaining body water.
However, there is one colligative property of increasing altitude that is not dependent on microsite--decreasing atmospheric pressure (e.g.
The 28 experiments include specific heats of substances, chromatography, reaction stoichiometry, gravimetric analysis of a chloride compound, the concentration of acetic acid in vinegar, colligative properties, and gas laws.
In practice, these water contents are considered to be negligible, since the osmotic pressure of many solutions increases more than linearly with concentration, and because of colligative properties of the cellular ultrastructure.
Sweeteners functionalities--which include sweetness, flavor and flavor enhancement, freezing point depression, boiling point elevation, caramelization, texturization, moisture management, and heat of dissolution--are largely determined by the size, molecular weight, solubility and colligative properties of the agent in question.