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1. A combination in which the components are distinguishable from one another.
2. The bringing of isolated events into a unified experience.
3. The formation of a covalent bond by means of two combining groups.
[L. cum, together, + ligo, to bind]
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Sorting of the KWIC display facilitates the identification of recurrent patterns that can be described in terms of collocation, colligation and semantic preference or association (Sinclair, 2004; Hoey, 2005; Mahlberg, 2005).
The latter are usually referred to as colligation (see Siepmann 2005: 411-419; Sinclair 2000: 200; Hanks 2008: 222; Hoey and Brook 2008: 294; Hoey 2000: 234).
She also notes that the Firthian theory postulates the priority of lexis over grammar (collocation should be observed first and colligation inferred after, as it is a more abstract feature), which obviously has implications for language teaching by shifting the focus to lexis rather than grammar (1.)
The major part of realization theory concerns the identification of a given holomorphic function as a transfer (characteristic) function of a system (colligation) or a linear fractional transformation of such a function.