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James S., English physician, 1870-1935. See: Collier tract, Collier sign, Collier tucked lid sign.
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To cope with the loss of the pit, the new hi-tech Wansbeck Business Park was built on the site of the old colliery, with the intention of drawing new business to the town.
He moved to Jarrow Colliery, and then Hetton Colliery before forming The Colliers of the United Association of Durham and Northumberland, colloquially known as Hepburn's Union.
s (ASX: CZA) (AIM: CZA) acquisition of the Uitkomst Colliery from Pan African Resources Coal Holdings Proprietary Ltd.
But Lea Hall Colliery was the first all-new colliery that had been planned at build by the National Coal Board with a planned life of 100 years and at one point was described as being the highest producing single colliery in Western Europe.
Following procedure, the colliery will now be given three months in which to improve production.
The decision made by the Aber Valley Heritage Group, which is organising the memorial to colliery disasters, has come under fire.
december 1866: Gas explosions killed 388 miners and rescuers at Oaks Colliery near Barnsley.
The Point of Ayr Colliery Band will feature on an album featuring pop and classical tunes to mark the 25th anniversary of the end of the miners' strike.
Three men died underground in separate incidents at Daw Mill Colliery, near Coventry between June 2006 and January 2007.
It ceased to be a working colliery in 1985 when its seam was exhausted.
I WONDER if your readers can help me with my hobby, which is collecting brass-embossed colliery lamp checks or tokens and tallies as they are sometimes called.
Here at the Haig Colliery Mining Museum in Whitehaven, Cumbria, we have as part of our collection a series of pencil sketches, donated in 1994 by mining artist and ex-miner Ron Gribbons.