colliculus seminalis

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sem·i·nal col·lic·u·lus

an elevated portion of the urethral crest on which the two ejaculatory ducts and the prostatic utricle open.
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A part of the prostatic urethra which is a landmark near the entrance of the seminal vesicles. It forms the basis for classifying urethral developmental disorders.

Margins of verumontanum
• Orifices of prostatic utricle.
• Slit-like openings of ejaculatory ducts.
• Orifice of prostatic ducts.
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colliculus seminalis

An oval enlargement on the crista urethralis, an elevation in the floor of the prostatic portion of the urethra. On its sides are the openings of the ejaculatory ducts and numerous ducts of the prostate gland.
Synonym: colliculus urethralis
See also: colliculus
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