collective hysteria

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mass hysteria

The synchronous appearance in a group of individuals of signs and nonspecific physical symptoms of hysteria, for which no organic cause can be determined. It is transmitted among members of a group by “line of sight” and is more common in young females.

Clinical findings
Nausea, loss of consciousness, vertigo, headache, shortness of breath, fainting, screaming, shaking, crying, muscle weakness, hyperventilation; a general lack of symptoms in those sharing the same physical environment, but in a different timeframe—i.e., of temporal, and not spatial, significance.
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Often inspirationally funny, albeit too garrulous and attenuated, this long first sequence builds in collective hysteria until Bill performs an emergency exorcism--Masha, it seems, is temporarily harboring a transient demon.
In this extraordinary passage, Wright anatomizes the lynch mentality: collective hysteria as a matter of symbolic racial representation.
Whether succumbing to "collective hysteria" or simply taking a sensible precaution, the Government may decide to suspend the non-essential transport of any animals unless the rate of increase slows soon.
Newspapers in Honduras in June 1997 headlined a collective hysteria in a maquila in Choloma when a hundred women fainted.
Because fans want to share in the post-Diana collective hysteria and boost the profits of record companies?
Director Dominic Cooke says: "Following Miller's recent death, it seemed the perfect time to look at his terrifying vision of a society gone mad with mistrust and collective hysteria."
That day, in front of Rockefeller Plaza, where the network has an outdoor set and where hundreds of people brandish signs and posters, wave, send personal messages, and moan in collective hysteria as soon as the camera gets them in a shot, we suddenly see a sweet little pink poster: GUY DEBORD IS SO COOL!
You only lose money on a share when you sell it - and once the collective hysteria of a selling spree has started it is often more prudent to take a deep breath and hold on.
It's in the nature of collective hysteria that no single act can be adduced to prove its existence.