collateral artery

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col·lat·er·al ar·ter·y

1. one that runs parallel with a nerve or other structure;
2. one through which a collateral circulation is established.
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col·lat·er·al ar·te·ry

(kŏ-lat'ĕr-ăl ahr'tĕr-ē)
1. One that runs parallel with a nerve or other structure.
2. One through which a collateral circulation is established.
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The collateral artery originated from the LGA in one patient, and angiography showed complete occlusion of the LGA; in addition, the new collateral arteries originated from the SMA four weeks later.
Altogether, this suggests an isolated aortopulmonary collateral artery that developed possibly due to faulty embryologic development of the left sided 6th aortic arch or pulmonary arch responsible for development of the LPA, providing supply only to the left upper lobe.
(2006) reported a case of CT for PCHA, ACHA, SSA, Radial Collateral Artery, Middle and Superior Ulnar Collateral Arteries associated with the absence of DBA.
In 27 patients, an additional bronchial or nonbronchial collateral artery was embolized resulting in the successful control of hemoptysis, 17 patients developed recanalization of the previously embilzed vessels and had been embolizied again.
In the present case the Profunda brachii artery on the left side was very small in calibre and remained undivided It continued as the posterior division or middle collateral artery. In the spiral groove the Radial nerve supplied the lateral and medial heads of the Triceps brachii and Anconeus and also gave lower lateral cutaneus nerve of arm and posterior cutaneus nerve of fore arm.