collateral artery

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col·lat·er·al ar·ter·y

1. one that runs parallel with a nerve or other structure;
2. one through which a collateral circulation is established.

col·lat·er·al ar·te·ry

(kŏ-lat'ĕr-ăl ahr'tĕr-ē)
1. One that runs parallel with a nerve or other structure.
2. One through which a collateral circulation is established.


a vessel through which the blood passes away from the heart to the various parts of the body. The wall of an artery consists typically of an outer coat (tunica adventitia), a middle coat (tunica media), and an inner coat (tunica intima). For named arteries of the body, see Table 9. See also arterial.

collateral artery
see collateral vessel. Horses have collateral radial and ulnar arteries (Table 9).
end artery
one that undergoes progressive branching without development of channels connecting with other arteries.
vitelline artery
artery to the yolk sac or the ovum of the hen egg.
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The present case is different as Profunda brachii artery though small in calibre is arising as usual from the brachial artery and after passing through the lower triangular space continues as middle collateral artery, so its radial collateral branch is missing which is replaced by descending branch of posterior circumflex humeral artery.
The superior ulnar collateral artery arose from the distal part of the brachial artery whereas the inferior ulnar collateral branch arose from the proximal part of the ulnar artery in the arm instead of arising from the brachial artery [fig3].
We can speculate on the reasons of this finding as the variant artery actually had been observed by many cardiologists but assumed as collateral artery, or this variant could be exclusive for Turkish population suggesting an ethnic variation.