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a type of orthosis worn around the neck for support and stabilization. See also cervical orthosis.
cervical collar cervical orthosis.
Chandler collar a neck brace made of soft felt.
four poster collar a rigid brace with four upright rods to support the neck and reduce motion; it has chin and occipital supports.
Philadelphia collar a rigid, adjustable neck brace.
Philadelphia collar. From Dorland's, 2000.
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(kol'ăr), In most contexts, the phrase cervical collar is redundant.
A band, usually denoting one encircling the neck.
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1. A garment or part of a garment surrounding the neck.
2. Any encircling band.
3. A device used to limit motion or support the neck.
[L. collare, fr. collum, neck]
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(kol'ar) [L. collare, neckband]
1. A band worn around the neck.
2. A structure or marking formed like a neckband.
3. A device designed to limit movement of the neck.

cervical collar

A soft or rigid band of plastic or padded foam that is designed to limit extension, flexion, and lateral movement of the neck. Soft collars usually are reserved for confirmed strains of the neck. See: rigid cervical collar; cervical immobilization device; orthosis; Philadelphia collar for illus.

collar of Venus

Syphilitic leukoderma

extrication collar

Rigid cervical collar.
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Philadelphia collar

A firmly constructed, lightweight collar used to restrict cervical spine movement, e.g. during extrication of injured patients from motor vehicles.
See: illustration

rigid cervical collar

A firm plastic collar applied to the neck of a patient whose mechanism of injury may lead to a neck injury. It is designed to limit flexion, extension, and lateral movement of the neck. Because no collar eliminates all movement, patients who have not yet had a fracture ruled out by x-ray examination should remain immobilized to a backboard. Synonym: extrication collar See: cervical immobilization device

venereal collar

Syphilitic leukoderma
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(kol'ăr) In most contexts, the phrase cervical collar is redundant.
A band, usually denoting one encircling the neck.
[L. collare, fr. collum, neck]
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