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u·nit fi·brils

the fibrils that comprise a collagen fiber, ranging from 20-200 nm and averaging about 100 nm in diameter (substantially larger in tendons), with cross-striations averaging 64 nm.
Synonym(s): collagen fibrils
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auritum contains short, sparse collagen fibrils between the coiled fibers (Fig.
The collagen bundles were seen to be formed of many fine threads like collagen fibrils.
The primary calcification in bones follows removal of decorin and fusion of collagen fibrils.
A closer study of the stroma reveals that long collagen fibrils run across the stroma as shown in Figure 1(b) [24].
Histologically, the rat cartilage is composed of chondrocytes embedded in a matrix consisting of highly anionic, hydrated proteoglycans, and a network of collagen fibrils.
For example, in an animal model study, hydrolysed collagen led to an increase in the number of dermal fibroblasts and the diameter of collagen fibrils in the ECM of the skin dermis.
It may also involve cleavage by oxidation of glycine residues, which disrupts the collagen fibrils and makes them more friable for removal.
Early studies by Gigante et al [14] and Heidia Eriksen et al [16] showed a correlation exists among number of collagen fibrils, size, their organization, and mechanical strength.
11) These collagen fibrils not only provide a surface for platelet adhesion, but also serve as a strong stimulus for platelet activation, which includes secretion of thromboxane A2 and ADP into the circulation.
Nucleation sites are found within or associated with extracellular collagen fibrils (27-29).