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u·nit fi·brils

the fibrils that comprise a collagen fiber, ranging from 20-200 nm and averaging about 100 nm in diameter (substantially larger in tendons), with cross-striations averaging 64 nm.
Synonym(s): collagen fibrils
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This paper builds on that study [1] which demonstrated with PeakForce QNM AFM [15, 16] that the adventitia of the IMA is altered in patients with high PWV, in terms of both the nanoscale elastic modulus and the collagen fibril morphology.
In the present study, the research focus on distinct processing methods influenced the ultrastructure of collagen fibrils, but they all disrupted the ordered arrangement with higher intensity.
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The addition of PDS sheets resulted in decreased peritendinous adhesions with higher numbers of mature tenocytes and increased collagen fibril alignment.
The corneal stroma contains several hundred lamellae, each of which is composed of parallel collagen fibrils embedded in an extracellular matrix [21, 22].
Increased diameters of collagen fibrils precipitated in vitro in the presence of decorin from various connective tissues.
Nevertheless, based on BSE-SEM, Raman spectroscopy, and resin cast etching, gross differences in the arrangement of structural components of the interfacial tissue (i.e., collagen fibrils and bone apatite) between Ep and Ep+An surfaces are not expected.
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During application of the adhesive resin, solvated monomers are intended to replace the water and penetrate into and around collagen fibrils to result in hybridization [11].
The diameter of collagen fibrils ranges from 50 to 350 nm in tendon [29], 20-160 nm in ligament [30], and 30-400 nm in collagen fibril extracts from peristomial membrane of sea urchin (Paracentrotus lividus) [31].
A morphometric analysis of collagen-fibrils in tendon tissue of treadmill-trained mice demonstrated that there was a disappearance of collagen fibrils and, then, a reappearance of thick instead of thin fibrils from the 3rd wk to the 5th wk (14).