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1. A coordinated effort by two or more people or functional entities.
2. Process of working together toward a common end by various participants (for example, clinicians, researchers).
[L.L. collaboro, to work together, fr. col- (for com-, fr. cum, with, + laboro, to work]
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Psychiatry A helping relationship between a family member and a mental health professional who share responsibility for a child with an emotional disorder
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Kagesa had played an important role in the "Peace Movement" and in helping Wang establish his collaborationist regime.
The compilers of the list might then consider grading the collaborationists by the gravity of their activities, or at least dividing them into ''active'' and ''passive'' groups.
occupation and collaborationist government have set up shop.
Despite what one often hears, there were no 'Polish concentration camps', and there was no collaborationist government, as in Vichy France or in Norway.
The strongly negative treatment of le 14 juillet by Vichy officials and the organs of the mainstream authorized press appeared moderate when set alongside that of the French national socialists, traditionalists and counter-revolutionaries who constituted many of the leading collaborationist forces.
It is a gradual reoccupation, similar to what Israel has done in the West Bank, a methodical destruction of Palestinian institutions and an Israeli attempt to turn the Gaza Strip into a large "prison" surrounded by Israeli presence on all sides, and where a collaborationist government will rule in a similar manner to what took place in South Africa in the past.
Despite advancements in productivity and industrial efficiency without the punitive or collaborationist sting of wartime, the case appears here as a "failure" (pp.
Cannon's collaborationist position stood in sharp contrast to the hard-headed pragmatism of his successor, Marvin Miller.
Despite its documentary approach, this book will also be useful to cultural historians concerned with larger issues--and the question of "collaborationist" artists is one of them.
Asian, African, Latin American, and Middle Eastern topics of relevance are solicited, as well as collaboration and collaborationist themes, the home front, conscription, and dissent.
The past few years have seen an avalanche of books on France under German occupation and the collaborationist regime headquartered at the resort town of Vichy from 1940 to 1944.
For many labour activists the NDP does not represent the type of class collaborationist politics identified with Tony Blair's New Labour.

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