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1. A coordinated effort by two or more people or functional entities.
2. Process of working together toward a common end by various participants (for example, clinicians, researchers).
[L.L. collaboro, to work together, fr. col- (for com-, fr. cum, with, + laboro, to work]


Psychiatry A helping relationship between a family member and a mental health professional who share responsibility for a child with an emotional disorder
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Despite repeated calls for social action and collaboration (e.
The case study is used to explore the links between collaboration and assessment and to highlight the potential benefits of collaboration in a higher education setting.
State of the Unified Conferencing and Collaboration market - Where does unified conferencing and collaboration technology stand today?
PowerShare Collaboration Servers also provide network security for the exchange of sensitive information.
The challenges encountered by the Haralson Team included lack of time for collaboration and team planning and minimal support from the University Team.
Over the next few years these collaboration tools will achieve the popularity that personal productivity tools and email currently enjoy.
Finally, establishing a climate that encourages innovation and collaboration is one of the important leadership roles challenging academic library directors.
Viewing your programs and actions in terms of collaboration can help you deepen person-centered attributes and organizational-level elements.
Collaboration is not an exchange where various insurers bid for business, but rather provides an information-sharing mechanism that saves interested parties time and effort.
Because we're faced with the fact that without collaboration we can't function anymore.
Oracle today announced Oracle(R) Collaboration Suite 10g with new real-time collaboration tools and enterprise content management capabilities.
For one thing, full-function collaboration software is expensive.

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