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Colla holds a Hospitality Management Certificate from Cornell University and Food and Beverage and Catering Management Certificate from the Institute Alberghiero Giuseppe Maffioli, Castelfranco Veneto.
The fifth captain, Auqui Topa Inga Yupanqui, presents the severed head of a colla lord; this shows the crescent-shaped diadem and the chin adornment.
Sobre este punto ambos carecieron de presencia en Coca Colla, es mas practicamente no existieron, ya que desde el nombre es una emulacion escrita y fonetica de la multinacional conocida por todos, el color rojo de fondo de nombre lo propio, las letras blancas como complemento, nos muestran un desenfoque completo del producto en cuanto al porque y para que en realidad fue creado.
Sao os autodenominados "cambas", ou mesticos, em oposicao aos procedentes das comunidades andinas, denominados collas. Estes estariam mais proximos dos indigenas, ou povos originarios, como tambem sao designados.
But the choice of Mac Colla as a pseudonym, like that of MacDiarmid, actually signifies the wish to reject Arnold's ideological schema and promote unity on all the aforementioned levels, especially the political unification of Scotland in the cause of national independence.
All six of these speakers have considerable Quechua-contact influence in their linguistic performance, yet my consultants characterized colla speakers as unwelcome, unfriendly, and less proficient in Spanish than local speakers.
The relevance of this issue is demonstrated by Colla, Ippolito, and Li (2012), who find that the variable "profitability" (which usually is negatively associated with total debt, in view of the hierarchy of sources theory) has a partially positive effect on bank debt.
Colla and Packer (2008) noted declines of seven species of bumble bees in southern Ontario, Canada, as well as extirpation of one species (Bombus affinis) from a significant portion of it range in eastern North America.
Colla, a collection of short, exuberant pieces intended to evoke wood, stone, crystals and other natural materials.
* Tobias Adrian, Federal Reserve Bank of New York; Paolo Colla, Universita Bocconi; and Hyun Song Shin, Princeton University and NBER, "Which Financial Frictions?
Its entry, Rolando Colla's family drama "Summer Games," competed at Venice.
sheets, (e) white glue (colla) to fix paper on paper & paper on plastic, (f) white & colored Bristol paper in different sizes & gramage, (g) different color self carbonized paper for the different layers on reels & sheets, also (h) glue in grains form.