right colic vein

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right col·ic vein

the vein that parallels the right colic artery and drains blood from the ascending colon and right colic flexure.
Synonym(s): vena colica dextra [TA]
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Results of nearly a hundred studies on Henle's trunk using autopsy and vascular casting are summarized in Table 1, which showed that the occurrence of Henle's trunk varied from 69% to 100%, suggesting the absence of Henle's trunk in many people, due mainly to that RGEV and colic veins did not converge.
Henle's trunk, a both relatively undiversified but also variable venous trunk, is a key to many surgeries, especially those in the stomach, pancreas, and right side of the colon, which involves the three most common tributaries of Henle's trunk: RGEV, ASPDV, and colic veins. Intraoperative studies on Henle's trunk were summarized in Table 2, which showed the presence of Henle's trunk in 45.9% (Lange et al.
[12] reported that the construction of Henle's trunk is fixed, with RGEV and ASPDV, as well as variations of colic veins, of which SRCV and RCV were the most important tributaries of Henle's trunk.
It is a venous trunk, later known as Henle's trunk or Henle's gastrocolic trunk (GTH), connecting part of the blood supply to the stomach and colon, which is formed by the convergence of the stomach-draining right gastroepiploic vein (RGEV) and the colon-draining superior right colic vein (SRCV), and drains into the superior mesenteric vein (SMV) at the inferior border of the pancreas.
The right colic vein (RCV) and middle colic vein (MCV) are defined as the tributaries from the marginal veins of the ascending and transverse colon, respectively.
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