colic arteries

col·ic ar·ter·ies

arteries supplying the colon. See: left colic artery, middle colic artery, right colic artery.
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By eight days PI larvae have reached the cecal and ventral colic arteries. When these larger arteries are achieved the route of migration is marked by a twisty thread of fibrin on the intima and by day 14 larvae may be found in mural thrombi.
Incidence of lesions is 86% in the cranial mesenteric artery followed by 62.5% in the cecal and colic arteries (Poynter 1969).
The renal arteries can also give rise to vessels that usually do not arise from them, as suprarenai arteries, gonadal arteries, pancreatic artery, hepatic artery and some of the colic arteries (WEBER et al., 2009).
However, for the distribution of branches originated from the caudal mesenteric artery, we verified the emission of a cranial rectal and a left colic arteries, restricting only to the left colon, what was cited by Orsi et al.
This common trunk divided into three branches as middle colic, right colic and left colic arteries (Fig 3).