cold-induced urticaria

cold-in·duced ur·ti·ca·ri·a

(kōld'in-dūst ŭr'ti-kar'ē-ă)
Hives resulting from exposure to cold.
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There was one case of cold-induced urticaria with negative genetics and two cases of TRAPS negative for PFS genetics.
The first report on the use of omalizumab in CU was published in 2006 by Boyce, who successfully treated a patient with cold-induced urticaria (13).
I have been diagnosed with cold-induced Urticaria, a rare skin/allergy condition, for the past five plus years.
A:THIS sounds like cold-induced urticaria - where the skin releases fluid into tissue causing an allergic-type reaction.
Cold-induced urticaria occurs after exposure to cold wind or water.