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, poikilothermalpoikilothermous (poy'ki-lō-ther'mic, -măl, -mŭs),
1. Varying in temperature according to the temperature of the surrounding medium; denoting the so-called cold-blooded animals, such as the reptiles and amphibians, and the plants.
2. Capable of existence and growth in media of varying temperatures. Compare: heterothermic, homeothermic.
3. Causing a disruption of normal hypothalamic thermoregulatory function, as seen with drugs such as phenothiazines.
[poikilo- + G. thermē, heat]
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a. Lacking feeling or emotion: a cold-blooded killer.
b. Executed without feeling or emotion: a cold-blooded crime; a cold-blooded performance of the concerto.
2. Ectothermic.

cold′-blood′ed·ly, cold′blood′ed·ly adv.
cold′-blood′ed·ness, cold′-blood′ed·ness n.
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We must agree that Africa has lost a leader that kept her glued together and we should hang our heads in shame that we even voted for a No Fly Zone over Libya, which was abused to bring Gathafi down and mercilessly and cold-bloodedly kill him.
"He committed no criminal activity, but the troops murdered him cold-bloodedly," he mourned.
Landis has turned Williams Burke (Simon Pegg) and Hare (Andy Serkis) into decent, if misguided, folk heroes who were just supplying a demand, rather than evil men who cold-bloodedly killed 16 people.
As if Luther didn't have enough to worry about somebody is cold-bloodedly killing police officers, and as the police close ranks the detective puts himself in the firing line in a desperate attempt to draw out the killer.
Mrs Tsipi Livni was Israel's Foreign Minister during the planning and execution of Operation Cast Lead, when IOF [Israel Occupation Forces] cold-bloodedly killed more than 1,400 Palestinians and injured 5,000 more as they wreaked carnage and destruction upon the 1.5m Palestinians, living trapped under a brutal and illegal Israeli blockade.
When the impact of the surprise announcement of Saudi King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz about his initiative for an inter-Arab reconciliation faded, questions were cold-bloodedly raised about the concerned parties' responsiveness to such a move.
Robert Wilson led a double life with another woman before he "cold-bloodedly" murdered his 53-year-old wife Jane, Carlisle Crown Court heard.
The Drive-By Truckers are cold-bloodedly compassionate.
He selected his victim for next to no reason and cold-bloodedly assassinated David Birkett."
I should have played more cold-bloodedly on the big points."
What none of the townsfolk--including Emma--know is that Earl has been murdering people for years--expertly, strategically, cold-bloodedly.
Espino purchased a pistol to protect himself at work after two clerks in a store down the road were cold-bloodedly murdered during a robbery the previous month.