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, poikilothermalpoikilothermous (poy'ki-lō-ther'mic, -măl, -mŭs),
1. Varying in temperature according to the temperature of the surrounding medium; denoting the so-called cold-blooded animals, such as the reptiles and amphibians, and the plants.
2. Capable of existence and growth in media of varying temperatures. Compare: heterothermic, homeothermic.
3. Causing a disruption of normal hypothalamic thermoregulatory function, as seen with drugs such as phenothiazines.
[poikilo- + G. thermē, heat]
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a. Lacking feeling or emotion: a cold-blooded killer.
b. Executed without feeling or emotion: a cold-blooded crime; a cold-blooded performance of the concerto.
2. Ectothermic.

cold′-blood′ed·ly, cold′blood′ed·ly adv.
cold′-blood′ed·ness, cold′-blood′ed·ness n.
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This cold-blooded incident is the second in less than one week.
For years, paleontologists assumed that dinosaurs most resembled modern reptiles and other cold-blooded creatures, or ectotherms: slow-growing, low-energy sluggards that bask in sunlight for heat and don't need much food.
Perhaps we should not be surprised because the IRA was a cold-blooded outfit ready to spill the blood of innocents.
Mr Hague said: "This was an act of cold-blooded murder, which I condemn in the strongest terms.
A FORMER policeman accused of murdering his estranged wife had a "cold-blooded determination to kill her", a court heard.
He may be a Ph.D., an engineer, a college professor or dean - but he is a cold-blooded barbarian out to kill Jews.
Police today continued to question one of the country's most wanted men, who faces accusations that he killed two unarmed policewomen "in an act of cold-blooded murder" before giving himself up.
If the terrorists showed themselves to be cold-blooded liquidators, the authorities should execute justice in cold blood too.
ANDRE VILLAS-BOAS is calling for a cold-blooded Chelsea performance against QPR today, writes Tom Hopkinson.
Each of these identities applies to Carole Alden, the subject of Barbara Oakley's book Cold-Blooded Kindness.
COLD-BLOODED KINDNESS: NEUROQUIRKS OF A CODEPENDENT KILLER, OR JUST GIVE ME A SHOT AT LOVING YOU, DEAR, AND OTHER REFLECTIONS ON HELPING THAT HURTS is a recommendation for general-interest collections and offers the true story of an eccentric mother of five who wanted to help society's outcasts.
Instead, he administered a cold-blooded second - and killing - shot to the head.