cold work

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cold work,

n a deformation of the space lattice of metals by mechanical manipulation at room temperature. The process alters certain properties (e.g., ductility).
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Analysis of machinability during hard turning of cold work tool steel (Type: AISI D2), Journal of Materials Processing Technology 24: 1373-1382.
The original tooling for this product was supplied using a typical grade of cold work tool steel which caused loss of tablet definition owing to excessive wear of the punch tip face.
The statement added that the company has also produced 67,684 tons of raw steel in the form of heat resistant steels, case hardening steels, micro alloy steels, spring steels, cold work tool steels, flat and trade alloy steels during the same period.
ECAE is unique because significant cold work can be accomplished without reduction in the cross sectional area of the deformed work piece.
a model and methods for risk assessment practices in cold work
And they'd rather be in the warm doing hairdressing than standing in a cold work room at the crack of dawn.
Superoll tools use a plastic deformation process to cold work the rough metal into smooth hard surfaces free from irregularities and are typically used in burnishing connecting rod bearing surfaces, cylinders, piston housings, shafts, connecting rods and pins, valves, and valve seat surfaces, or in the semiconductor industry.
This line of tools uses a plastic deformation-process to cold work the rough metal into a smooth hard surface, free from irregularities.
For example, Peterson points out, "These steels cold work like crazy.
THERE'S been some cold work for two Liverpool stars who are both nominated in this year's ECHO Entertainment Awards.
The new alloy was developed by modifying the company's MP159T alloy by using the same chemistry but different cold work and age hardening parameters.
Transfer the dough to a lightly floured, cold work surface and roll 1/16-inch thick.