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The process of fusing one metal to another using combustible gas, covered electrode arcs, and gas-shielded arcs; welding exposes welders to gases, metal fumes, and toxins, and increases risk of lung cancer and mesothelioma


n a process used to join metals.
welding, arc and gas,
n See welding, fusion.
welding, cold,
n the property of welding at room temperature when clean surfaces are pressed into contact. This property is exhibited to the highest degree by gold in the form of foil or crystals.
welding, fusion,
n a process in which parts are melted and fused together. Also called
arc and gas welding.
welding, pressure,
n a welding process in which the parts are not melted, although heat is usually required. Recrystallization across the interface occurs. Gold foil is welded by pressure without temperature elevation. Also called
resistance welding and
spot welding.
welding property,
n the characteristic of certain materials, especially metals, to firmly unite together when subjected to heat or pressure in a suitable environment.
welding, resistance,
n See welding, pressure.
welding, spot,
n See welding, pressure.
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This new cold welding process seamlessly joins wires without melting the wire.
Similar plans are under development for the battery-less alloy moisture sensor technology and the cold welding patent for large pipelines.
Tenders Are Invited for Work of Arresting Heavy Oil Leakages From Various Joints of Icts, T/fs and Other Equipments by Using Power Patch I & Ii Dual Technology Cold Welding Method at 400kv R.
Tenders are invited for Work of arresting minor oil leakages of Transformers by cold welding method at various S/Stn under EHV O&M Dn Pimpri Chinchwad ,Pune.
Tenders are invited for Removal Of Leakage Of Oil In The Power Transformer 10 Mva No-2 Installed At 33/11 Kv Sub Station Copper Road With Cold Welding Compound
Tenders are invited for Work of arresting of oil leakages from various joints of Transformers using cold welding technology at 500MW Stage-III CSTPS, Chandrapur during unit overhaul/outages or on as and when required basis.