cold pressing

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A process in which vegetable oils are extracted without heat or chemicals. Cold pressing is believed to preserve nutrient value

cold press·ing

(kōld pres'ing)
A method used to process oils from food without heat, so as to preserve the nutrients.
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Nuts and bolts used in the auto making process must undergo strict cold pressing for roll marks and rust on the surface of the processing material.
The adhesives work well with cold pressing, hot pressing and radio frequency (RF) applications.
Karyatis is committed to producing its olives, extra virgin olive oil and roasted red peppers in the most natural and authentic way possible: Karyatis olives are hand-picked, cured traditionally then marinated in extra virgin olive oil; Karyatis Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced from the first cold pressing of olives grown in the Kalamata region of Greece; and the large sweet Florina peppers are flame roasted.