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As is always the case with this sort of room, the atmosphere is intense, the crowd all facing the DJ booth while the more exhibitionist take to the large stage, compete with its blessedly cold back wall.
The horse had a cold back when I first got on, so I decided the right thing to do was just to slide off, hold on to him and then get back on again later.
I'm getting well paid to play cricket and get a tan while it's dark and cold back home.
He added: "It meant a young man in the prime of his life was left to die on a cold back street, all for the sake of a mobile phone.
Whatever Broad and England were alleged to have done to the ball, it didn't work as Smith and Amla piled on the runs in conditions as hot out here as it is cold back home.
Now he'll leave wife Anna, 42, and son Jake, 18, out in the cold back in Bristol when he flies to the remote Halley research station for 15 months on November 10.
Meanwhile she can feel pressure and hot and cold back through those same nerves.