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Manufacturers could seek approval for colchicine for chronic gout; no marketing exclusivity exists for this indication.
Erythema elevatum diutinum--a case successfully treated with colchicine.
Colchicine has been revealed to control manifestation of inflammatory gene (Lee et al.
After giving their informed consent and completing a baseline questionnaire, patients were randomized to receive either naproxen as a single 750-mg dose, then as 250 mg three times a day for a maximum of 7 days, which is the licensed dose for gout in the United Kingdom, or 500 mcg of colchicine three times a day for 4 days.
In vivo haploid induction through inducer lines and chromosome doubling with colchicine or any other anti-microtubular agents were also not attempted in indigenous Pakistani maize germplasm.
And then they should be started in a low dosage with cover of colchicines in low dosage 1-2 tabs a day in order to avoid the occurrence of acute attack of gout, which occurs due to rapid fluctuations in serum uric acid levels.
The use of pure colchicine as an anticancer agent has been excluded for toxicity reasons (Stanton et al.
Structure-activity analyses show that the C-10 substituent of colchicine is involved in its pharmacological activity.
Colchicine, added to aspirin or NSAID therapy, has been evaluated in two well-conducted, placebo-controlled, randomised clinical trials, where it has been shown to improve the response to medical therapy and prevent recurrences.
Group I(A) consisted of 23 cases of FMF patients (10 boys and 13 girls), which were newly diagnosed and used colchicine for 1 month or less (to examine the effect of FMF and avoid the colchicine effect).