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(kōk) Slang
tr.v. coked, coking, cokes
To affect or intoxicate with cocaine.
One of the most common street terms for cocaine, or, less commonly, crack cocaine

Patient discussion about coke

Q. what is the connection between gout and drinking cokes? There was an article in your magazine earlier this year about how drinking cokes could affect gout....can I get a copy of that artical?

A. Men who consume two or more sugary soft drinks a day have an 85% higher risk of gout compared with those who drink less than one a month.
This is because soft drinks contain large quantities of high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), a common sweetener in soft drinks, which results in Hyperuricemia in blood.
Hyperuricemia, in turn predispose the body for gout.
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after it adjusted the 80 kt/a needle coke project phase II capacity from 40 kt/a to 120 kt/a in 2012.
To claim your free 330ml can of Coke or Diet Coke, simply cut out the voucher (left) and take it to any McColl's, Martin's or RS McColl store today only (Saturday, July 20, 2013).
By the authors opinion, the real configuration of the coke layers/ribbons is very complex and it can be of the vitreous type as it is shown in Fig.
Robin Knight, head of business development in the Business Advisory Firm at Deloitte, says: "They've taken very fast steps to adapt the Coke brand to new variants, but some may think it's been too much too fast and that they're running a risk of diluting the core values of the brand.
Coke was not able to provide this to the Clinic's patients despite the efforts made by Dr.
And it isn't until they've actually driven an hour, and Jasmine is sipping her fifteenth Diet Coke, and Passion is trying to maneuver her way around a truck, that one of them finally does speak.
THIS voucher complete with three differently-numbered tokens entitles the bearer to a FREE Big Soft Bite sandwich and 500ml bottle of Diet Coke, Coke, Fanta or Oasis.
The European Commission said Friday it has resolved a dispute with China over coke as the country promised it will not cut its supply of the key raw material for steelmaking to the European Union.
Robert Van Patten, president of SynFuel Technologies, went into a public meeting in Thunder Bay in February armed with information on petroleum coke operations and environmental impacts.
said Monday it will form a three-way joint venture in Tianjin, China, in January 2004 for the manufacture and sale of coke used for steel production.
Better-known brands like Coke and Pepsi are heavily marketed and delivered through state-of-the-art, computer-controlled distribution systems; to get Big Cola, a store owner would have to drive out in his own vehicle and pick up a few cases from a warehouse in Iztapalapa.