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Pertaining to coitus.
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Referring to coitus, see there.
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Pertaining to coitus.
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Sexual intercourse between a man and a woman by insertion of the penis into the vagina. Synonym: coition; copulation; sexual intercoursecoital (-tal), adjective

coitus interruptus

Coitus with withdrawal of the penis from the vagina before seminal emission occurs. This is not an effective method of contraception.

coitus reservatus

Coitus with intentional suppression of ejaculation.

coitus Saxonius

Coitus with manual pressure placed either on the urethra at the underside of the penis or in the perineum to block the emission of semen at ejaculation; also called the squeeze technique. It is used to prevent premature ejaculation.
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of Cases Coital Sexual assault 7 (17.9%) injury Consensual intercourse 6 (15.38%) Total -13 (33.33%) Non Bicycle/Automobile coital 9 (23.07%) Cattle horn 6 (15.38%) Fall from height 5 (12.82%) Straddle type of injury 2 (5.1%) Vaginal foreign body 2 (5.1%) Leech bites 2 (5.1%) Total- 26(66.66%) Table 6.
The descriptions given by both Rebecca and Beth are an example of the coital imperative, the concept that heterosexual sex is defined by PVI and, by extension, is primarily for male pleasure.
While nonpaternity measures collectively extramarital sex, it cannot distinguish between multiplicity of extramarital partners and multiplicity of coital acts with one or more extramarital partners.
Las mujeres que expresaron que su primera relacion sexual coital fue satisfactoria tuvieron un IFSF mayor que las que refirieron insatisfaccion en el primer encuentro sexual coital (p=0,0072).
Finalmente, ser heterosexual mostro una asociacion con el uso de preservativo en la primera relacion sexual, resultado que no se pudo contrastar puesto que no se encontraron estudios que analizaran la tendencia sexual y el uso de preservativo en el primer acto coital. La religion como componente cultural modifica las actitudes de las personas generando transformaciones de las conductas sexuales-sociales que suscitan diferencias comportamentales dentro de los practicantes de cada religion, (22) sin embargo, no se mostro una asociacion entre la religion y el uso del condon, pero cabe resaltar que las personas que acusaron profesar el cristianismo fueron quienes mas lo usaron en el primer acto coital.
This current study, recognizing limitations of previous research on the aforementioned issue within the context of the increased HIV/AIDS virus, unwanted pregnancy, abortions and high fertility [17-19] coupled with the continuous lowering of age of sexual debut over the decades, can add value to public health by studying factor differentials in contraceptive use between females whose first coital activity was < 16 years and those 16+ years old as well as their demographic profile.
Impaired sexual activity: Although coital death for cardiac patients is rare and its cardiovascular risk is low, it still exists, which prevents many people from sexual activity for fear that it may cause sudden death or reinfarction, dyspnoea, anxiety, angina pectoris, exhaustion, changes in sexual desire, depression, loss of libido, impotence, partner's anxiety or concern, and feeling of guilt (23).
Al consolidar la frecuencia coital en dos categorias: coito al menos una vez por mes frente a relaciones mas espaciadas, se encuentra que entre los hombres de los semestres mas avanzados se incrementa de manera significante.
Men who reported a coital frequency of 30 or more times per month during the past three months tested positive for penile HPV in significantly higher proportions than those who had not had sex at all (52% vs.
The women were not sexually active and were willing to forego coital function.