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n the capability to cohere or stick together to form a mass.
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For consideration of bending moments, the cohesive element has four Gauss integration points on its mid-plane, Figure 5.
The company added that NATRELLE INSPIRA Cohesive breast implants have been approved by the US FDA for women undergoing reconstruction, augmentation or revision surgery a new breast shaping option that combines a high gel fill ratio and its highly cohesive gel for a customized result.
I've been waiting for a form stable, cohesive round implant.
Cohesive, based in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, is a Joomla
Men who perceived their relationships as more cohesive were more satisfied with their marriage ([r.
With regard to the genesis of cohesive soil horizons, researchers still disagree as to the processes involved.
The system has the cohesive strength to "maintain the integrity of the gel and demonstrates superior adhesion to a shape retaining membrane," officials noted.
Cohesive devices (or ties) are those words or phrases which enable the writer/speaker to establish relationships across sentence or utterance boundaries and which help to link the different parts of the text together.
With the detailed DEM study, Jenike & Johanson was able to recommend modifications to the chute design to ensure reliable throughput of the cohesive mixture.
These silicone implants have more cross-linking in their gel than earlier ones that makes it more cohesive, which in turn makes the implants firmer.
The design of the Aero reflects state-of-the- art dry powder dispersion knowledge and enables users to measure materials from cement to coffee, cohesive minerals to fragile pharmaceuticals, from 0.