A posterior pituitary hormone that regulates peristaltic activity in intestinal smooth muscle.
[cohere + -in]
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The novel substance is a low-molecular-weight peptide complex known as Coherin. It appears to be highly effective in Crohn's disease, has no known drug interactions, and no significant side effects have been seen in 20 years of clinical use, Dr.
Coherin is not an antibiotic, not a steroid, and it's not a corticotropin-releasing hormone, contrary to what several people have claimed," said Dr.
Coherin was developed by a pair of Columbia University physicians who published a 19-patient pilot study in 1977.
He reported on 62 patients with active Crohn's disease who self-injected 0.25-0.35 mL of Coherin subcutaneously twice daily for 6 months and were followed out to 24 months.
After 1 month on Coherin, 16% of the patients were in clinical remission, as were 32% after 6 months.