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(kō′ən), Stanley Born 1922.
American biochemist. He shared a 1986 Nobel Prize for the discovery of the epidermal growth factor.
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Judge Cratsley wrote that Alan Cohen admitted under oath, in an Essex County Superior Court criminal action in 2006, that he conspired with "runners" to stage accidents and refer the accident victims to a Cohen clinic.
But the tribunal at Abergele heard that on the day Mr and Mrs Cohen took over the 3-star hotel the outgoing owner John Lloyd told them: ``If you can get on with Julia you can get on with anyone.
She claimed that Mr Cohen also made unpleasant remarks about his wife, sometimes in front of other staff.
She is claiming sexual discrimination against Mr Cohen.
She told the tribunal that Mr Cohen had asked her to sign a letter blaming the accountants for the discrepancy because he wanted to sue them.
Sainsbury PLC, Britain's largest supermarket operator and holder of the other half of Giant's voting stock, will now try to acquire Cohen's stake, giving it outright ownership of the company.
Immediate control of the company, they point out, will pass to a five-member management team composed of four longtime Giant executives and Cohen's sister.
In 1984 Cohen developed a succession plan, stipulating in his will that the company be run by the four senior officers and his sister, Lillian Cohen Solomon.
The four officers in the group controlling Cohen's shares are all members of the management committee.