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Medspeak A person widely recognized as a reliable source of skill or knowledge whose faculty for judging or deciding rightly, justly, or wisely is accorded authority and status by their peers or the public in a specific well-distinguished domain. An expert, more generally, is a person with extensive knowledge or ability based on research, experience, or occupation and in a particular area of study. See Physician expert
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Medtalk A cove (British slang term) with book (learned) or street smarts who is held to have special knowledge and capable of convincing a jury black is white, or vice versa; for every expert, there is an equal and opposite expert. See Physician expert. Cf Hired gun.
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Q. I want to know if somebody could give me some expert advice on what to eat for my meals. hello ……I'm trying to lose body fat but at the same time build some muscle within 4 months period. My hope is that when I've shredded all the fat off, I'll have something nice to show to everyone on my birthday. I'm 5'8 and I weigh 210 already. I dropped 3 pounds but I want to know if somebody could give me some expert advice on what to eat for my meals.

A. A good general program of dieting to lose 2lbs a week while lifting weights. Go with a high protein, low carbohydrate type diet. Workout 6 days a week alternating upper body one day lower body the next, take one day off. That’s it as simple as eating and as difficult as working hard. Cheers! and invite me for your birthday.

Q. I heard that division into stages does not exist for fibromyalgia. Can any experts in pain treatment explain?

A. My friend, did you read it from just some where or from a trusted source? For your information that diagnosis is improved so much with the aid of APD that quadrant pain really can be diagnosed and pain n half the body. For the first time, this has made it possible to explain the phenomenon of quadrant pain and pain restricted to one half of the body, which experts in pain treatment had never been able to explain. This corresponds to the 1st stage of fibromyalgia.

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Truth told, the response from the hip hop cognoscenti and more than a few quarters of black America has been an audible yawn.
Although Cultural Studies cognoscenti will appreciate Neal's observations, readers who are unfamiliar with postmodernist insights and modes of inquiry likely will furrow their brows at certain aspects of the author's presentation.
"Microprocessor cognoscenti have long understood the folly of using megahertz as a proxy for performance," observed Nathan Brookwood, principal analyst at Insight 64.
Sure to inspire debate among cognoscenti, Changing Stages is a refreshingly opinionated and informed study.
has carved out a name for itself among insurance cognoscenti, it still needs to raise its profile in corporate boardrooms, an Ace executive said.
Once prominently displayed at newsstands and drugstores, the main outlet for comic sales is specialty shops that cater to the cognoscenti. Not surprisingly, the disappearance of comic books means that they have become part of the national nostalgia industry.
In general, Narayan is the more familiar name, but to the cognoscenti -- and to those in Crawford Hall at the university -- Ramanujan is arguably the most distinguished alumnus of the institution, for his interests, scholarship, and authority extended to numerous academic areas.
Pundits, the press, and other elements of the cognoscenti invariably attempt to make every year "the year of" something.
Recounting how back in the 1950s and 1960s, his basic theory on fiber optics was trashed by the cognoscenti, he said, "We were not properly appraised then because there were a lot of times within the circle of Japanese researchers that we tended to impede each other and get in each other's way."
Three Lives (1909), Tender Buttons (1914), Geography and Plays (1921), The Making of Americans (1925), and the self-published Plain Edition volumes of the late 1920s and early 1930s thus made Stein available to the cognoscenti but not to the literate masses.
They said, to sell managed care you just need a small group of cognoscenti to go out and establish your product on whatever formula and you don't need these large armies of reps.
Baldwin makes use of general semantics formulations in ways that the novice will easily understand, and the cognoscenti will appreciate.