cognitive restructuring

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altering the structure of something.
cognitive restructuring in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as challenging a patient to alter distorted thought patterns and view self and the world more realistically.
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Cognitive restructuring

The process of replacing maladaptive thought patterns with constructive thoughts and beliefs.
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An experimental comparison of techniques: Cognitive defusion, cognitive restructuring, and in-vivo exposure for social anxiety.
An improvement in the "vigor" subscale scores after GCBT can be attributed to two reasons: (1) reflecting on past experiences through cognitive restructuring helps alleviate the participants' psychological burden, and (2) preparing and implementing an action plan help improve motivation and activeness in participants.
Table 4 shows that significant difference between the male and female groups with respect to Cognitive Restructuring, Express Emotions, Problem rocused Engagement and Emotion rocused Engagement.
Throughout the group, Lynette worked to recognize her automatic thoughts and began implementing the coping skills and cognitive restructuring strategies learned in the group, even prompting other members to use the strategies during group meetings when they felt strong emotions coming on.
The intervention point in the model with respect to modifiable risk factors is effective stress management and improved coping skills using behavioral medicine interventions (cognitive restructuring, relaxation training, activity-relaxation cycles, behavioral activation).
Cognitive restructuring. In the area of cognitive restructuring, the goal is to challenge offenders to look at their own attitudes, values and beliefs they have had about using drugs and alcohol.
* Cognitive restructuring helps patients reformulate their view of the relationship between physical symptoms and panic attacks.
To the point of forming Christ-like character as cognitive restructuring, thus affecting core beliefs, intermediate beliefs, automatic thoughts and so forth, to those clients who explicitly identify themselves as Christians and seek to address their presenting problem through a Christian worldview, Living into the Life of Jesus may serve as an excellent adjunct to the practitioner's clinical protocol.
was recently awarded the Provider Recognition Award for Excellence in Outcomes for its Cognitive Restructuring for PTSD program.

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