cognitive restructuring

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altering the structure of something.
cognitive restructuring in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as challenging a patient to alter distorted thought patterns and view self and the world more realistically.

cognitive restructuring1

a change in attitudes, values, or beliefs that alters a person's self-expression. It occurs as a result of insight or behavioral achievement.

cognitive restructuring2

a nursing intervention from the Nursing Interventions Classification (NIC) defined as challenging a patient to alter distorted thought patterns and view self and the world more realistically. See also Nursing Interventions Classification.

Cognitive restructuring

The process of replacing maladaptive thought patterns with constructive thoughts and beliefs.

cognitive restructuring,

n any behavior therapy that results in notable shifts in an individual's perception and thought processes.
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Throughout the group, Lynette worked to recognize her automatic thoughts and began implementing the coping skills and cognitive restructuring strategies learned in the group, even prompting other members to use the strategies during group meetings when they felt strong emotions coming on.
Our primary hypothesis was that the coping resources of social ease, cognitive restructuring, and functional beliefs would at least partially explain the link between religious coping and depressive symptoms.
24) CBT for insomnia (CBT-I) should be considered for older adults because managing insomnia with medications may be problematic and these patients may prefer nonpharmacologic treatment (2) CBT-I typically incorporates cognitive strategies with established behavioral techniques, including sleep hygiene education, cognitive restructuring, relaxation training, stimulus control, and/or sleep restriction.
From a visual model, cognitive restructuring entails 1) an activating adverse event or stressor (e.
Compared to pianists in a control group receiving no treatment, pianists who employed cognitive restructuring showed significantly reduced anxiety and were more confident in their ability to effect positive change.
By far the most utilized psychotherapeutic approach to the treatment of low self-esteem and ADHD involves cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), and for this discussion we will be using multiple CBT techniques, including the cognitive restructuring already discussed in our second article (JOS March/April 2011), coping cards, and graded task assignments.
The mutually decided treatment planning and proceedings comprised systematic desensitization, activity scheduling, anger- control techniques, cognitive restructuring and family and group counseling including teachers and friends to help her practicing the same at home and in other relevant situations (4).
The report concluded that the strongest evidence of efficacy is for exposure-based therapies, and that there is also some evidence for cognitive restructuring, teaching of coping skills, and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing.
After an overview of the program and a review of the literature on gambling treatment, they walk therapists through 10 sessions, and three further elective sessions on assessment, psychoeducation and self-management strategies to stabilize gambling, cognitive restructuring, relaxation and imaginal exposure, problem solving and goal-setting skills training, managing negative emotions, preventing relapse and maintaining therapeutic gains, assertiveness skills training, getting out of debt, and teaching significant others strategies for coping or dealing with the gambler's behavior.
They also were counseled to help them develop mastery in problem-solving skills and in five self-management skills: self-monitoring, environmental restructuring, elicitation of support from family and friends, cognitive restructuring, and the relaxation response.
The purpose of the study is to investigate the effect of problem solving and cognitive restructuring approaches in improving the creativity motivation of management trainees through enhancing their individual creative behaviour.
The researchers aimed to identify the effect of cognitive restructuring on treatment of disorders, specifically stuttering, as related to psychological problems.

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