cognitive rehabilitation

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(re?ha-bil?i-ta'shon) [L. rehabilitare, to restore]
1. The treatment and education that help the disabled to attain maximum function, a sense of well-being, and a personally satisfying level of independence. Rehabilitation may be necessitated by any disease or injury that causes mental or physical impairment serious enough to result in functional limitation or disability. The postmyocardial infarction patient, the post-trauma patient, patients with psychological illnesses, and the postsurgical patient need and can benefit from rehabilitation efforts. The combined efforts of the patient, family, friends, medical, nursing, allied health personnel, and community resources are essential to making rehabilitation possible. Synonym: restorative care
2. In dentistry, the methods for restoring dentition to its optimal functional condition. It may involve restoration of teeth by fillings, crowns, or bridgework; adjustment of occlusal surfaces by selective grinding; orthodontic realignment of teeth; or surgical correction of diseased or malaligned parts. It may be done to improve chewing, to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the face and teeth, to enhance speech, or to preserve the dentition and supporting tissues. Synonym: mouth rehabilitation; occlusal rehabilitation; oral rehabilitation

aquatic rehabilitation

Aquatic therapy.

aural rehabilitation

Any treatment used to improve the hearing or expressiveness of a hearing-impaired person.

cardiac rehabilitation

A structured, interdisciplinary program of progressive exercise, psychological support, nutritional counseling, and patient education to enable attainment of maximum functional capacity by patients who have experienced a myocardial infarction.

cognitive rehabilitation

Cognitive retraining.

driver rehabilitation

Specialized assistance provided to those who need to develop or improve their skills and abilities to enable greater safety or independence in driving because of physical, cognitive, or perceptual deficits. Services typically include clinical assessment, assistance with seating and positioning, simulated driving practice, on-road evaluation and training, passenger car evaluation, and recommendations for vehicle modifications. See: driver rehabilitation therapist

mouth rehabilitation

Rehabilitation (2).

occlusal rehabilitation

Rehabilitation (2).

oral rehabilitation

Rehabilitation (2).

neurological rehabilitation

A supervised program of formal training to restore function to patients who have neurodegenerative diseases, spinal cord injuries, strokes, or traumatic brain injury.

nutritional rehabilitation

A comprehensive nutritional program for patients with especially grave nutritional deficits, such as those caused by severe eating disorders or malabsorption syndrome.

penile rehabilitation

Any technique or medication that improves erectile function after radical prostatectomy.

pool rehabilitation

Aquatic therapy.

psychiatric rehabilitation

Any intervention that helps people with psychiatric or psychological restrictions to participate successfully in school or work, the management of their own homes, and relationships with others.
Synonym: psychosocial rehabilitation

psychosocial rehabilitation

Psychiatric rehabilitation.

pulmonary rehabilitation

A structured program of activity, progressive breathing and conditioning exercises, and patient education designed to return patients with pulmonary disease to maximum function.

cognitive rehabilitation,

n therapy that connects memory failure with a person's relationship, anxiety, and self-concept issues. Has been used for traumatic brain injury.
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