cognitive psychology

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cog·ni·tive psy·chol·o·gy

a branch of psychology that attempts to integrate into a whole the disparate knowledge from the subfields of perception, learning, memory, intelligence, and thinking.
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cognitive psychology

The study of the processes of reasoning and decision making.
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While research on learning--arguably the most complex cognitive process--can be based on observations, surveys, or correlations, most of our research in cognitive psychology is experimental.
Cognitive psychology is quite naturally following in this same tradition.
They review a wealth of cognitive psychology research about imagery, including research with congenitally blind people, concluding that "blind individuals are able to generate mental representations containing accurate spatial relations and full of nonvisual sensory details" (p.
He said "Cognitive psychology looks at how people think, learn and store information.
Cognitive psychology has looked at the neuropsychological processes involved in decision making and identified several theoretical approaches to this question.
(20.) Here, Muslim psychologists may draw from traditional Islamic faculty psychology and modern cognitive psychology of especially the Chomskyan school.
Here, the distinctiveness of entrepreneurship must be reconciled with the inclusivity necessary to exchange ideas with psychology, the more-established parent discipline of cognitive psychology, since the area of cognitive psychology (1) provides a major foundation for our research in entrepreneurial cognition.
Individuals correctly recalled about two or three more shopping items and landmarks than couples did, the researchers report in the September Applied Cognitive Psychology. However, couples usually made four or five fewer memory errors on these [asks than individuals did.
"Further exploration of the cognitive psychology of OCD-positive respondents may provide a due," Dr.
Their research has brought together the fields of experiment economics and cognitive psychology, paving the way for scientists to rely less on observation of actual economies in decision-making and more on controlled laboratory experiments.
Nursing fellows will be involved in supervised care of people with MS, working with an interdisciplinary health-care team including experts in physical medicine and rehabilitation, physical therapy occupational therapy speech therapy, social services, clinical and cognitive psychology, neurology; and vocational rehabilitation.
Though coming from varied backgrounds in theoretical astrophysics, cognitive psychology, philosophy of science, and comparative religion, the Institute chose to use science because it is a knowledge that can be built up over many generations.

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